Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Designer Projects

We serve as an art resource to a wide variety of residential and commercial interior designers and stylists. The following images showcase the way pieces from our collection have been woven into a designed environment. 

We would like to thank the following designers and their photographers for allowing us to share these images on our website: Ted Boerner, Ken Fulk, Jay Jeffers, Steven Miller, Mathew Turner, Kim Betzina and Steven Pappas (Williams-Sonoma Home).

Steven Miller Design Studio: Dining by Design

Steven Miller Design Studio: San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Kim Betzina: Residential Design

Jeffers Design Group: San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Jay Jeffers Design Group

Williams-Sonoma Home

Mathew Turner: San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Ken Fulk: Sonoma residence, photo by Matthew Millman

Jay Jeffers Design Group

Lost Art Salon: Dining by Design

Ken Fulk

Lost Art Salon is now represented at Ted Boerner in New York City

Rosas-Kruger Residence in Oakland, CA. Installation Design by Rob Delamater.

Jeffers Design Group: San Francisco Decorator Showcase

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