Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alysanne McGaffey - Rediscovered Treasures and Contemporary Works

If you have been following Lost Art Salon for a while, then you have most likely encountered the work of Bay Area artist, Alysanne McGaffey (b. 1931). Over the years we have presented her 1950s-1970s work from the Bay Area Figurative Movement. Recently, a lost cache of her art from this period was discovered, and we are very excited to debut these pieces. Works from this era have been framed in period frames using archival framing techniques.

To this day, Alysanne continues to live in the Bay Area (Pacifica, CA) and is still a vibrant artist intensely dedicated to her craft. For the first time we are presenting her contemporary work from the 1990s and 2000s. For the past couple decades, Alysanne has focused on the watercolor medium, often depicting scenes of the Northern California coastal landscape. The luminous pigments and fluid lines of watercolor paints are an ideal conduit for her flowing, richly-colored aesthetic. Many of these works have been framed floating on a linen background in handsome solid maple shadow box frames.

All of the framed and ready to hang pieces from this collection can viewed and purchased online.

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